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    Napoleonic: Total War III - Beta 2

    Message par [Grognard]_Liberalis le Mer 30 Mar 2011 - 6:35

    After a couple of months of hard work since the release of the 1st Beta, the Lordz Modding Collective is pleased to announce its second and last Beta release (v0.97).
    During these past months we have gathered a lot of feedback and have tried to answer our fans requests by correcting all the minor and major bugs that you have helped us to track down.
    In addition to the correction of annoying bugs such as “French units disappearing”, “Uniform bugs” or crashes with Württemberg, we have added a great amount of new modifications.
    As we can’t list them all, you will find hereafter the most important changes.
    We hope you will appreciate the unlimited hours our team has spent to correct bugs and add new stuff to your cherished NTW3.

    New Units:

    We have added several new units to Russia, Prussia and Bavaria.

    -Russian "Guard Cossacks"
    -Russian "Fangoria Regiment"
    -Russian "Cossack Horse Artillery"
    -Prussian "Landwehr Cavalry"
    -Prussian "Silesian Landwehr"
    -Prussian "Russo-German Legion"
    -Prussian "Guard Ulanen"
    -Bavarian "Guard du Corp"
    -Bavarian "Cuirassiers"
    -"Regimental Guns" for all major powers.

    All uniforms for these factions have been reworked with new icons and unit cards.

    New Historical Battles:

    Full scenario explanations and rules will come with the release of the final version of NTW3 v1.0.

    Single Player Campaigns (alpha version)

    After having been submerged by our dear fans requests for SP compatibility of NTW3, we are quite happy to announce it's release in an alpha state.
    For now, only the European Campaign has been modded, the Italian and Egyptian Campaigns are untouched, but playable.
    There are still quite a few bugs with roasters, towns and the maritime section of SP, which will all be addressed in a future hotfix. We are working hard on bringing you an extraordinary SP version, so don't take this as anything final, it is quite far from what we envision. Stay tuned for more info.
    We also hope you will help us, as you did in the past, to report bugs and incoherences encountered in your Single Plater Campaigns. The strength of NTW3, lies within the involvement of its community.
    So please, don't hesitate to post your thoughts and critics.

    New Maps:

    -Spain 5
    -Spain 6
    -Spain 7
    -Russia 2
    -France 6
    -France 7
    -Germany 4
    -Germany 5
    -Flat Dirt
    -Hilly Ground
    -Desert Ridge
    -Egypt 1
    -Egypt 2
    -Egypt 3
    -Egypt 4

    Reworked Maps:

    -France 1
    -Spain 4
    -Spain 3
    -Germany 1

    Line of Communication Maps:

    This concept is based on the historical need for armies to hold and defend their line of supplies during a battle.
    This is portrayed in our new breed of maps by one building on each side that represents 4 Victory Points (VP’s) when it is held.
    Each side will need to hold their Line of Communication (LoC) while going for a maximum of objectives. Each objective is also represented by a building that gives, when it is occupied, 1 VP.
    There is an average of 3 or less objectives on the maps, so no team can win a battle if it loses their LoC.
    Each LoC and Objective is clearly indicated on the radar map by a star with its VP’s.
    Battles are set to be played in 3vs3 or 4vs4 with a time limit of 60 minutes.
    This, we hope, will add one more layer in our search for a more historically accurate gameplay.
    This feature is unfortunately not handled by the NTW engine, so each side must count its VP’s at the end of the battle to determine which team is victorious.
    Nevertheless, all of these Objective Maps and LoC Maps can be played as a usual map.

    Changes to statistics and gameplay:

    -Firepower reworked.
    -Reload skill increased for poor units & decreased for elite. Effectiveness at extreme range reduced.
    -Movement speeds reduced mainly for running (double-time) & charging.
    -Skirmishers made more effective. (better shooting, can out-run infantry charge)
    -Unit Pricing changed. Elites made more expensive with tighter number limits (caps).
    -British Elites, especially Lights, increased in cost.
    -Austrian line made cheaper, Grenadiers improved to truly be “The best Grenadiers in Europe”.
    -Old guard looses its "Fear Factor", melee stats improved.
    -Ottoman Janissary infantry can entrench.
    -Ottoman melee troops have restrictive caps.

    -Defense improved, more-so with heavies, to make them more survivable in melee.
    -Lancers nerved.
    -Stamina increased
    -Maneuverability improved.

    -Heavy guns made more effective at long range.
    -All canisters made a little less deadly.
    -Foot artillery less fast, especially when ‘running’
    -Barrage ability changed to 4 bursts, each lasting 3.5 minutes (with 3.5 cool-down) with a higher rate of fire.
    -Crew running speed improved (can out-run inf charge now)
    -Defense improved.

    -Fog of war adjusted. Most units cannot see as far. Light cavalry, skirmishers & heavy guns have the best observation ranges.
    -Numerous statistical tweaks.
    -Adjustments to fatigue, morale & melee effects.
    -Tighter unit caps.
    -Unit pricing adjusted.
    -Lot's of new 2d Art.
    -New Flags (thanks to JFC's mod NTF).

    Please join the Lordz steam groups to easily find and arrange games in NTW3.
    You can find us here:

    Download Links: 5GrjUPJ

    Installation Notes:

    Don't forget to uninstall the previous Beta, if you had it installed, and to remove the file: "NTW3.ini" in your "Napoleon: Total War" folder.

    The Battlefield Awaits !

    La traduction française arrivee bientôt. Wink

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