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    Rome II: total war

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    Rome II: total war

    Message par [Grognard]_Bismark le Jeu 28 Oct 2010 - 11:03

    Oui je sais, on va me dire quesqu'il nous fait chier avec son sujet pourri tandis que shogun II total war à l'air de déchirer, ben voila je m'explique:

    J'ai commencé sur médieval total war et même en ayant joué sur shogun par la suite, je trouve que le meilleur est de loin Rome et je suis tombé sur ca:

    Creative Assembly admits that Rome II: Total War is on a list of projects that the studio would like to make..

    Speaking at a press event in London earlier this week, members of Creative Assembly's Total War development team have told TVG that they would like to revisit the studio's Rome: Total War game from 2004 and make a full sequel akin to Medieval II: Total War or the upcoming Shogun 2: Total War.

    "We've got a big list of themes, ideas, and settings that we want to portray," said James Russell, Creative Assembly's Lead Designer on the Total War team.

    "I think we'd be mad to say that Rome II wasn't on that list," added Kevin McDowell, the Total War team's Lead Artist.

    However, comments from Jamie Ferguson, who's the Design and Battle Design Lead on Shogun 2: Total War, did indicate that while Rome II does seem somewhat inevitable at some point, it's certainly not an imminent project for the dev team:

    "But there are so many other things as well," he said. "We've got 2,000 years between the birth of Chris and now, and 10,000 years before that in terms of gameplay to explore. Yes, we've come back to Shogun but that's partly because people can't even play the original game on PC anymore and there are a lot of people who didn't play it ten years ago."

    "In the future at some point - inevitably at some stage - we will eventually, probably get around to it [Rome II]," he added.

    Stay tuned for the full TVG interview with James, Kevin, and Jamie, which will be going live on the site later today...

    Alors qu'en pensez-vous? Rome II est-il inévitable ou il vont nous faire un WWI total war? ou un crimea total war? et même comme ils le laissent sous-entendre, un carvernman total war?


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