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    Napoleonic Wargame Club

    Message par anklrd le Lun 19 Oct 2009 - 17:19

    Anton V. Kosyanenko a écrit:
    It is my pleasure to greet you on behalf of Napoleonic Wargame Club. Our society has more than 11 years history and as of today 252 active members. It is a free of charge group of members willing to have battles with each other using turn based Napoleonic wargames. In particular this includes games from HPS ( covering campaigns in Saxony (1806), Bavaria and Austria (1809), Russia(1812) and Belgium (1815) plus numerous free mods for these games; Battleground series nowdays sold by Matrix ( - Napoleon in Russia and two games on Waterloo campaign; and a newly released strategic level AGEOD Les Campagnes de Napoleon ( Also the Club has adopted Histwar Les Grongards and will allow games as soon as the engine is released. As well as gaming experience the Club provides some roleplay. Every member is assigned to command a historical unit and based on his gaming perfomance he receives promotions and decorations. All the aspects of the game, club life and roleplay are discussed in a freindly manner on the Club forum. There are several club wide annual tournaments. Most important are Master of Europe where members compete in a play-off to determine the strongest of them. The second is Guards Challenge where teams of seasoned players compete. More information about the Club may be found through the links posted by AnkLrd.
    To conclude we would be glad to see you join our community.
    Tchest' imeu!
    Her Imperial Majesty's Leib-Cuirassiers regimens
    General-Lieutenant Anton V. Kosyanenko
    Commander of the 2nd Army of the West (Russian Army), NWC
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